Making love in the missionary position is usually quickly bored, but there are several ways to improve it. Here they are: Pleasant tilt If you prefer deep penetration - this pose is for you. Place the pillow under your ass to lift the hips higher and position them
Although some women who sleep with married men end up feeling feelings for them and want to have "normal" relationships, this connection does not always go to this stage. The usual driving forces of a novel with a married man are a forbidden fruit, a
It is difficult to explain why we are attracted to some people, but not interested in others. And, although it is difficult to predict a tremendous night of love with someone you have not even kissed with, there are some signs that there is incredible sexual
Perhaps you have encountered relationships without sex. This may be one of the reasons for parting. Perhaps this was with you. You tried everything to be good, but something was missing - sex If you are puzzled why your man has lost sexual interest in you, why he no
21-year-old Charlotte Shakax and her husband, 28-year-old Attila from the UK, showed the world heart-rending photographs of their last 16 days with their already deceased daughter Evlin. The fact that the child chromosome mutation Charlotte learned as early as the 20th week of pregnancy. As a
Forget Halloween: the stars dress up in May - at the annual ball of the Met Gala Costume Institute. This year's theme is "Celestial bodies: fashion and the Catholic imagination." Kim Kardashian chose a tight-fitting golden dress from Versace with engraved crosses. And Jennifer Lopez had a
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