10 Things you probably did not know about the fashion of erotic electrostimulation

Erotic electrostimulation, also known as electrosex , is a sexual practice that involves the stimulation of the nerves of the lower half body, especially the genitals, through the application of strong electrical energy. Do you want to discover everything about her?

Everything you need to know about erotic electrostimulation

This sexual practice uses machines specially designed to apply electrical stimulation to the genitals to get sexual pleasure. It is usually associated with bondage and sadomasochism practices, but more and more people dare to try it and incorporate it into their sexual life.

However, it can be very dangerous if it is not carried out in the correct way. If you are going to venture into the adventure, you should have certain things in mind:

Never place them above the waist

It could interfere with pacemakers or create an electrical current in the heart , becoming fatal.

Devices designed for human use

This type of devices offer gradual characteristics of intensity and safety interruption . Never use a homemade one.

Do not stimulate with drugs or alcohol

These types of substances can increase a person’s pain threshold , so you may need to use too much intensity.

Practice correctly

Always follow the instructions of the devices that are used, since their misuse could become fatal .

Time and patience

This type of practice needs time and patience to achieve the required stimulation. Do not try to do it all the first day.

Security word

The ideal is that you carry out this practice accompanied by another person and that you always use a word of security in case things get complicated.

Types of devices

There are low frequency therapy devices that feel like a kind of stinging or small blow , and more frequent devices with denser accessories like rubber or steel, which better focus muscle contractions.

Types of sensations

Depending on the device and the intensity, you can feel from a small tingling until as if a rubber band hit your skin .

Use of lubricant

Lubricants based on silicone and oil can act as insulators, achieving the opposite effect to that required. Ideally, use a water-based electroconductive lubricating gel to avoid the risk of burning the skin with high currents.

No marks or bruises

Burns are the most common injury of this type of practice. The use of electroconductive gels can help to minimize them.

Do you want to implement this type of stimulation without posing a risk to health? If you’re going to launch into the adventure of trying it, you’d better take these tips into account.

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