14 Mexicans who made them without love but a surgeon fixed their lives

There are celebrities who live on their great talent to act or sing, but not all have been blessed with a spectacular figure or even a beautiful face … and the film and television industry are often very superficial. 
There have always been different ways to achieve fame and success, but everything seems to indicate that the shortest path is through plastic surgery and an image consultant … the point is to remove what “does not work” and “put where it is missing” .

Next we will show you the before the most acclaimed divas of Mexico; some started as actresses, singers and models; but thanks to the good management of their image -among other things- they managed to get where they are today. 

You can not believe how they looked at the beginning!
1. Kate del Castillo


Before being the unofficial girlfriend of “Chapo” Guzmán, the protagonist of “Ingobernable” began as a very simple girl on Televisa. Let’s say that not only the years, but also the visits to the operating room have helped him to climb in his career. 
2. Belinda

He conquered everyone with his participation in children’s soap operas, although his adolescent stage was not entirely brilliant, since Televisa vetoed it for some years. But this diva returned to surprise us all. And without a doubt he has fallen in love with all his followers.  
3. Maribel Guard

Before becoming Joan Sebastian’s wife, Maribel had a very peculiar “look”.But undoubtedly the years have been very good …
4. Eiza González

One of the most radical transformations has been that of Eiza González. It is a fact that surgeries and exercise can transform an ugly duckling into a spectacular and sensual swan. Thanks to her new image the Mexican actress has participated in American series and acted alongside Kevin Spacey, John Hamm and Jamie Foxx, in the movie “Baby Driver”.
5. Thalía Sodi

The time has been kind to Thalia Sodi, in addition to having helped a little with the exercise and a good plastic surgeon. At 45 years old he still looks spectacular and has nothing to ask the girls in their twenties. 
6. Itatí Cantoral

Upss! Soraya Montenegro does not like this, but the actress Itatí Cantoral has not always been the diva who made life impossible for the “damn cripple” or starred ads for famous Netflix series. But you could see her potential as an actress and still look amazing. 
7. Galilea Montijo

One of the most incredible transformations in the world of the small screen is that of the driver Galilea Montijo, who was, as a rough diamond says.Fortunately he had several fashion consultants, hair, makeup and some help with the scalpel (surely). 
8. Aracely Arámbula

From protagonist of telenovelas for teenagers of the 90s to ex-wife of Luis Miguel. There is no doubt that this woman has impressed everyone;Although time does not pass in vain, it does not seem to affect this beautiful actress. Not even after having two children. 
9. Paulina Rubio

“The Golden Girl” has not always had very good taste to dress, and here we show you. I bet you Paulina Rubio does not want you to see these pictures. 
10. Ninel Conde

Ninel Conde was not always “El Bombón Asesino” that we all know. It had a little dark beginnings … and was almost completely transformed. What would have become of her if she had kept her strange style? At least time and plastic surgeons have helped him a lot. 
11. Angelica Rivera

From model, actress and singer of Televisa to First Lady of Mexico. There is no doubt that Angelica Rivera’s life has been a telenovela like the ones she previously starred in. 
12. Salma Hayek

The beauty and talent of Salma Hayek launched her to the top of Hollywood, and is currently one of the most powerful Mexican women in the world, all thanks to her fortune and her husband, the French magnate François-Henri Pinault. Here is the before and after this actress. 
13. Anahí

Before being the wife of Mexican politician Manuel Velasco, she was a Mexican television star. Although she suffered from anorexia for a long time, the young woman managed to recover. Today she is also the mother of a little boy. 
14. Daniela Luján

Today there is nothing left of the Daniela Luján that we remembered in the children’s soap operas, because her face looks completely different.