11 reasons why he does not make love to you

11 reasons why he does not make love to you

Perhaps you have encountered relationships without sex. This may be one of the reasons for parting. Perhaps this was with you. You tried everything to be good, but something was missing – sex

If you are puzzled why your man has lost sexual interest in you, why he no longer engages in love with you, there may be several reasons:

1 He no longer thinks you are attractive, but it’s not your fault.

It hurts. He still loves you, but you no longer attract him as a sexual object. Maybe it’s a matter of habit, in everyday life, in monotony.

  1. Low level of testosterone.

If your man has hormonal problems, it’s really bad, because it kills his sexual desire. He is not interested in sex – with anyone. It is logical that this requires medical care. The main thing is for a man to acknowledge that this is his problem.

  1. Maybe you did something wrong that repels him.

If you can guess what it can be, discuss it with him, otherwise it will not be better.

  1. Antidepressants and other drugs can cause problems with hormones.

Just check the side effects of those medications that it takes.

  1. In your relationship there is a third person.

Yes, maybe it’s about treason. But not necessarily physical. Of course, maybe it satisfies sexually different, so that he no longer wants you. But maybe he just became emotionally close to another, so he does not want anything with you.

  1. You launched yourself.

If you are already in a relationship or already married, this does not mean that you do not need to work on yourself. You have to watch yourself to keep the spark in the relationship, especially on the intimate part.

  1. Maybe he’s asexual.

Maybe he’s just such a person for whom sex is not important. Yes, maybe at the very beginning there was some kind of passion, but now it’s just important that you are close. There’s nothing you can do about it.

  1. He just used you.

Maybe you just fell in love with him and was blind about his true intentions. Maybe he never loved you, maybe he just wanted to play. And, it seems, has already played enough.

  1. He is too tired because of stress, work or something else.

Sometimes this may just be an excuse not to have sex, but sometimes this is the real reason. If he really works hard, he really does not care.

  1. Perhaps he has depression.

Maybe your man is worried about something more serious and important, and he just does not want anything, especially sex.

  1. He is not sure of himself in the bedroom.

Maybe he just worries that he can not satisfy you in bed.

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