4 signs that you are perfect for each other in bed

4 signs that you are perfect for each other in bed

It is difficult to explain why we are attracted to some people, but not interested in others. And, although it is difficult to predict a tremendous night of love with someone you have not even kissed with, there are some signs that there is incredible sexual chemistry between you. Here they are:

  1. You feel physical craving

If you find a constant physical attraction to each other, expect a thrill in bed. While physical craving for each other can be difficult to manage, this is definitely a sign that you will have fiery sex.

  1. You are constantly fighting to keep your hands open

When you hold hands and you are drawn to kiss, caress each other – you have excellent chemistry. This is a sign that you want to be connected. If you are enjoying a night walk with a partner that you have to kiss, pay attention to the spark when his hand lingers in your for a second longer than necessary, or you understand that you are looking for any excuse to touch it, this is certainly a sign incredible physical attraction.

  1. You continue to catch each other’s views

There is nothing more exciting than meeting someone with a look and feeling the pleasant warmth in the lower abdomen. When you catch each other’s visions and visually let you know how much you want each other, no matter where you are – in a room or in a subway train – these are the sexual ways by which you demonstrate your chemistry.

  1. You are stuck in each other’s minds

Imagine that you are so physically attracted to each other that only one thought of a partner makes your heart beat faster. When someone really attracts you, you can not stop thinking about it. You dream of being with him all the time, you are visited by fantasies with his participation, and you plan what you want to do with him when you are not around. This is also a sign of crazy sexual chemistry.

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