5 variations of missionary poses that are worth trying

5 variations of missionary poses that are worth trying

Making love in the missionary position is usually quickly bored, but there are several ways to improve it. Here they are:

  1. Pleasant tilt

If you prefer deep penetration – this pose is for you. Place the pillow under your ass to lift the hips higher and position them at an angle. This small change will dramatically change the feelings.

  1. TKB

With the technique of coital alignment (TKB), the partner moves slightly upwards so that his hips are placed higher than yours. As soon as it is inside you, raise your hips and move towards it, while your clitoris will rub against his pubic bone.

  1. Divorced legs

Lay down on a table or other high surface, bend your knees and pull closer to your chest, then your partner enters you, supporting you by the ankles. He can bend your legs, move them and push them closer to your chest or spread them apart.

  1. Tight compression

Keep your legs in a missionary position, then your partner must enter you by placing your feet on both sides of yours. This position is suitable for men with a small penis size, as it provides tight penetration and special sensitivity.

  1. Upper pressure

You lie on your back, and your partner raises your legs, throws them on your shoulders and bends them closer to your chest, piling on them with your torso. This variation of the missionary posture allows him to go deeper into you and control the tremors.

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