Fashionable Wedding Trends in 2018

Fashionable Wedding Trends in 2018

For most brides, choosing a wedding dress is not a quick thing. This process can take several months of planning and explore the web for what is fashionable, beautiful and like. To save you time, itomchi has prepared a list of new fashionable wedding styles for 2018. This year, designers tend to tender feminine versions of tulle-dresses with floral appliques, boho-chic and Victorian-style costumes.

Large bows

Brides, who crave femininity in their wedding image in 2018, can give preference to bows. This playful trend has appeared in the models of many designers – from dresses with bows on sleeves to dresses with a giant bow on the back.

Cape and cape

Restraint at the peak of popularity in 2018. This is manifested in the form of elegant translucent capes and pelerine. Fashionable everything that covers you shoulders – from a shawl or a large kerchief to a white leather jacket. Laying clothes – another trend in the wedding fashion.

Business suits in the style of the 80s of the XX century

Who says that brides should wear a dress on their wedding day? For those who want something unusual, the fashion designers offer to wear a white pants suit. You can wear this outfit more than once.

Wedding Chokers

Chokers took root not only in everyday fashion but also in the wedding. From pearls or from ribbons – this accessory perfectly complements the wedding dress. Do not confuse wedding chokers with every day; they are more complex and sophisticated.


Look to yourself gloves for the wedding image, this year they are at the peak of popularity. You can choose accessories from organza with embroidered designs on them, both white and black.

Flower 3D-applique

Flower patterns will look at wedding dresses in 2018 as realistic as possible thanks to the special 3D-appliqué technique. Designers placed flowers on the bodice of the dresses, on the train and even on the veil.

Victorian style

Go back to the past, in the Victorian era with dresses with an emphasis on small decollete and huge bows on the dress gown.

Princess Boho

If friends and family call you the freedom-loving hippy, you can safely choose dresses from the category “Princess Boho”. Thoughtful, lacy and soft tulle ensembles will show your tender, carefree side of nature, and dresses of interesting shapes with unexpected cutouts will show your courage and readiness for experiments.

Multi-layer dresses

For those who do not want a tight fitting wedding dress, a multi-level dress is an ideal solution. It does not matter if it’s made from fringe or cascade tulle, all looks will be chained to the bottom of your dress.

Exquisite headdresses

They are not for everyone, but if you want to decorate your head with something original, think about the headdress. Designers offer a tiar-like crown, a light hat or a flower diadem – the choice is yours.

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