This mother spent 16 days with her dead daughter and laid out her photos

This mother spent 16 days with her dead daughter and laid out her photos

21-year-old Charlotte Shakax and her husband, 28-year-old Attila from the UK, showed the world heart-rending photographs of their last 16 days with their already deceased daughter Evlin.

The fact that the child chromosome mutation Charlotte learned as early as the 20th week of pregnancy. As a result, when the baby was born in December 2016, she had an underdeveloped brain, narrowed nasal passages, lungs and aorta.

She could not breathe on her own, and it was impossible for her to perform the heart operation necessary for survival.


Despite this, Evlin lived for 4 weeks, but on January 10 she died.

But grief-stricken parents stayed with the child in the hospital for 12 more days, where the baby was lying in a special crib with cooling to prevent the body from decomposing. So Charlotte and Attila could spend more time with her child and even took her for walks in the stroller.

4 days before the funeral, the pair was allowed to take Evlin home.

Many in the network denounced Charlotte for posting these photos for public viewing, but the woman says she wanted to show all parents that they have the opportunity to spend more time with their child.

“So many parents have never heard that they can spend time with their children like this, and many help it to cope with grief. In the first month of Evlin’s life, she was constantly in the apparatus for sustaining life, and I really could not hold her in my arms. At least after death, I was able to do this and feel like a mother. ”

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