That’s why lovers of sunflower seeds are the most dangerous people. Fear them!

That’s why lovers of sunflower seeds are the most dangerous people. Fear them!

There is a whole direction in psychology that studies the relationship between a person’s attitude to food and the characteristics of his inner world. According to the observations of psychologists who are developing this direction, what we eat is a complete representation of our subconscious.

For example, Mummy, who suddenly gets 25 or more kilograms during pregnancy, is a desperate perfectionist, eager to “give the child everything.” Such “overeating” moms take on the overwhelming role of the “ideal mother”, they will play it for some time after the birth – and will inevitably break down, because there are no ideal mothers.

Or, for example, a girl who grows thin, inducing vomiting after each meal. Such a perverted way to turn yourself into an ideal is chosen by those teenagers, whose communication with relatives and friends is too abundant and too painful. Perhaps they suffer from excessive control, despotism in the family, or from affectionate but suffocating hyperopeaks, or parents too press on it with their eternal and undeniable values.

So about the seeds. “Food” psychologists claim that passionate lovers of sunflower seeds are not those who chew them from case to case, and those who can not live a day without a treasured bag – forbid aggression towards others, accumulate anger and do not express true feelings in relation to relatives. Yes, outwardly they are darlings and paws, but inside is a storm of anger and lava of displeasure.

The mechanism is as follows. What do we do with seeds? Gryzem, giving excessive work to the teeth. Nobody swallows seeds, does not break with a mixer, does not extinguish until soft, does not whip into a strong foam.

The meaning of the seed is to crush them, crush, crack, work the jaws to glory, that is, from the point of view of the psyche, to throw out aggression. The one that is so scrupulously accumulated inside a fan of seeds.

Why is it dangerous? Because the seeds are too small, and the aggression is too much. First, small seeds become something like a drug, and a person has all the signs of breaking, if suddenly he is out of the access zone of the seeds. Then aggression begins to break out slowly – only in the place where people make comments about seeds, forbid them to chew or chuckle at children’s passion. Well, and if the steam finds a tiny hole – it will soon break free.

And he escapes – terrible, overripe, merciless. So, how the lovers of sunflowers know how to ruin the world around them, nobody knows how – because ordinary people are not-no, and they will open the valve for aggression, but those who try to be peace-loving with a bag in their hands will necessarily grow up a gin.

So if you are passionate as you want seeds – break a couple of sets better. It makes it easier!


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