15 Japanese Secrets for Beautiful and Smooth Skin

15 Japanese Secrets for Beautiful and Smooth Skin

Ever wondered how Japanese manage to wear that glow on their face almost throughout their lifetime? You won’t work anymore! Today must be your lucky day to have come across this blog post where I’ll be enlightening you with some precious secrets which Japanese had been hiding since ages.

Before proceeding, let me add that apart from being the most hospitable and traditional country, Japan is famous for having flawless complexions. How do they manage to be perfect? Keep reading and have a look at their purest lifestyle. I’m sure these 15 skin care secrets are going to change your life for good!

In this busy world, we rarely take out time for our pampering. Japanese have never neglected this routine. Hot baths have always been an ideal source of mind and muscle relaxant. Not only it helps in making you fall asleep quickly, but it also prevents you from the flu by clearing all the blockages in your nasal path. Thus, it’s a great way of relieving stress! Japanese women love oils. However, you’ll be surprised to know that they don’t randomly use mineral oils. It has to be Camellia oil when it comes to removing makeup, moisturizing their skin, making hairstyles and even preventing wrinkles from appearing earlier. Amazing, isn’t it? As most of us know that green tea is a great replacement for antioxidants, anti-inflammatory products and even acts as an anti-bacterial agent. It is also known for preventing breast cancer. Moreover, it’s quite famous for weight loss as it boosts up your metabolism. One must make a habit of having 2-3 cups of it daily. Even if you don’t like it, just apply it with cotton all over your face once it cools down. It will make your face glow and shrink those huge pores! Although we all love to spend our winter mornings under the sun, that’s what Japanese avoid. They prefer not being exposed directly to the sun, which prevents wrinkle formation and quick aging. Therefore, whenever you go out, it must never be without sunscreen and that too has to be SPF 50+. Also keep umbrellas or hats always with you. Your face is the most sensitive and important body part, which needs immense care. Japanese have a habit of massaging their face regularly; be it at homes or spas. The trick is to apply your facial creams by patting it on the skin, starting from chin to forehead. It not only stimulates blood circulation but also helps muscles to become stiff and hence prevent wrinkle formation. Most of us think that cleanser is only required to remove makeup off your face. Unlike us, Japanese believe that even if you aren’t wearing any layers of makeup or haven’t stepped out of your home, you need to cleanse your face by hook or by crook! Therefore, one must spend wisely in getting their hands on a good cleanser and make it a ritual to cleanse your face every morning and especially at night. It’s all about eating right! Facial cleansing won’t work if you do not have a balanced diet. Vitamin C is the imperative daily dose in the Japanese diet. Apart from capsule supplements, the most natural source of vitamin C is a fresh orange. Being highly rich in vitamin C, they help in giving you the complexion you had always been dreaming of! Japanese tend to have the most balanced diet around the world. And as mentioned earlier, beauty comes from within. Replace green veggies with junk food and processed sugary items. Moreover, add fish to your diet because it helps in slowing down the ageing process. It’s interesting how eating habits define your beauty and not expensive beauty products. Going natural is the secret of Japanese. They utilize Azuki beans in the most efficient facial exfoliation you had never known about. It aids in removing dead skin from your face and giving it a smooth texture. Only take a few crushed beans and apply them all over your face while massaging gently. You’ll be amazed at the results! Japanese women spend more on their healthy lifestyle rather than ridiculously expensive cosmetics. Moreover, whenever they apply makeup on, it’s always very natural. So go easy on the cakey makeup and try taking care of your skin naturally enough that there’s no need to hide those pores or acne. Most of the Japanese follow an organic skin care routine. Be it fruits, vegetables or any other natural way. It must be noticed that you should never apply rotten fruits or vegetables on your face. The decayed part can easily travel through the pores inside your bloodstream, causing various diseases. So always remember this tip! Japanese don’t go haphazardly trying every new product they see in their cupboard. Instead, they set up a routine and follow it gradually in the same pattern. You must also try to make a habit of following the same skin care procedures in the morning as well as at night. You won’t believe this, but Japanese women wash their hair with the leftover water from soaked raw rice. It is highly beneficial in moisturizing your skin, preventing hair damage from sunlight, and controlling wrinkle formation. We should add this to our lifestyle! One of the famous skin care products of Japan includes moisturized silk sheets. An alternative to that could be easily made at home. Simply take a cotton ball and soak it with a moisturizer or toner. Let it stay on your face for five to ten minutes. You would want to thank Chizu Saeki, famous Japanese expert, for proposing this remedy.

You must have seen Japanese always in a humble mood, and they never stop smiling. It’s another secret to their flawless skin. Therefore, treat yourself regularly, have your favorite meals, go for a recreational activity more often and stay content with what you have. It honestly gives you a peace of mind, which keeps your worries away from you. Hence, you stay younger!

From all of these fascinating Japanese secrets, now you know how Japanese women are always seen with a flawless, glowing skin and stay forever young! Don’t envy them, rather learn something from these informative tips. Try to adapt to Japanese lifestyle to get that natural beauty on the go and start living a happier yet healthier life!

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