4 Things we should keep in mind when putting our strange sexual fetishes into practice

Fetishisms are very broad , ranging from the most typical as those who are excited by the feet to those who reach the orgasm by inflating balloons, those who fantasize about the erotic possibilities of being a horse or enjoy feeding someone excessively. Eroticism expert Katharine Gates is well aware of all this.

All about fetishisms according to Katharine Gates

Katharine Gates, expert in eroticism, published in 2000 her book  Deviant Desires:  a journey through the erotic edge , a chronicle about the world of fetishism, which she knows “an incredibly strange sex” . This work has reported on clowns, heels, horses, robots, giants, body inflation, … thousands of perverts, experimenters and curious about one of the broadest issues in the field of sexuality.

However, as the author herself recognizes, sexual appetite is constantly changing, and much more since the appearance of the internet. That is why he has recently published a second updated and expanded version in which he includes new interviews, original themes and a section on simulated cannibalism.

And how not a key issue in this type of practice: consent . Behind the hidden sexual tastes of most fetishists lies the consideration and attention in which communication is established long before the sexual encounter. “In the BDSM community it is said that you can do anything as long as you have full negotiated consent.”
The main objective of Katharine is to erase the prejudices that exist on the subject: “I think it is liberating to say that you do not have to be right to be safe , have joy and enjoy”.

Years ago those who followed this type of practice thought they were unique, and sometimes the guilt and shame came to affect them emotionally. The Internet has allowed this to stop happening.

Exercise power over another, transform into someone who is different or who transgress the values, even knowing that few would like what they are the basis of this type of sexuality. A way to show that sex goes far beyond the body , that the mind, memory and even the most primitive concepts participate.

With the images of the book, the author seeks to question the limits of desire , something that bothers many people. “It’s an adult version of Hansel and Gretel being captured and eaten by the witch, with negotiated consent and orgasms!” Jokes the author in an interview.

Pleasure outside established limits, beyond what is allowed. A different sex, but not for that sick, as long as it is always agreed.

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Source: Katharine Gates /  lasillarota