5-Minute Workout for Slender Waist and Flat Tummy

Every woman wants to look perfect. She always desires for a flat belly and a slender waist. But by doing crunches only, you are not gonna cut that fat. There is a different set of exercise for abdomen and waist. In this article, I am gonna share few workout that is really helpful to lose the weight and get the slender waist.

BODY SHAPES: If you have a body shape like “hourglass” or “pear”, you may be able to maintain the shape even after gaining weight. But if you have “ruler” or “apple” body shape, tends to look shapeless after gaining weight on the upper parts.


  1. Weight Gain
  2. Bad Posture
  3. Protruding Belly

A sexy waist is not something that can be achieved by doing nothing. You need to take care of your body. there are ways to make it appear more shapely depending on how you choose to dress and carry yourself.

SHAPING THE WAIST: If you want to shape the waist, you need to do work on abdominal muscles. Basically, you need to take care of these two things:

  1. Balanced Nutrition
  2. Cardio Training
  3. Back Stretching
  4. Excercise on Targeting Area.

The most “dangerous” exercises of this type:

  • body twists
  • side bends with weights
  • side bends while sitting on the floor

Stretching the side muscles in various static twists during yoga can form beautiful body lines.


  • PLANK: Hold the body on toes and elbows. Keep your legs straight. Repeat it 2-3 times for 30 seconds each.

  • VACCUM: Lie on the back and legs are bent at the knees. Keep your arms down from both sides. Take a deep breath, exhale through the mouth releasing the air from your lungs as much as possible while pressing the front wall of the abdomen into the spine.Stay in this position for 15 seconds and relax.

  • BENDING: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. You should feel the stretch in muscles. Bend forward and then backwards. Repeat it 10-15 times for 2-3 minutes.

  • BOXING TWISTS: Lie straight on the floor and slightly bend your knees. Lift your upper body and quickly return to the initial position. repeat 3 sets of it by 12-15 reps.