Ana Julia writes a letter exclusively to Ana Rosa Quintana telling her version of Gabriel’s murder

The confessed murderer of the “pescaíto” has spoken from prison in a direct writing to the presenter of the morning program of Telecinco to reiterate that it was an accident. Strongly attacks the people of Seville where they burned the doll characterized with his face and branded Spain as racist.

Ana Julia Quezada ventures with Ana Rosa Quintana from jail: “It was an accident, it’s the truth”

Two folios stained with the words of Gabriel’s criminal have been sent from the prison of El Acebuche in Almería to the headquarters of Mediaset Spain for Ana Rosa Quintana to read it live directly in the AR program.

Some exclusive statements that arrive after 26 days prey and after hearing her scream “It was not me! I picked up the car this morning, “in the middle of the street during his detention with Gabriel’s body in the trunk of his car. So wrote the confessed murderer of the little boy from Almería:

“That as I am? Well you can imagine, nothing good. First of all, I apologize to the entire family of Gabriel and to all the people I have harmed . I can not talk much for the secrecy of summary. ”

“First of all, I am shocked by all the lies that have been told about me. My version of events? It was an accident and I will always say it because it is the truth . I was very scared , fear blocked you and I acted like that. I was not strong enough to tell my partner, anyone, what had happened and, little by little, I was getting into a bigger and bigger ball, “says the confessed murderer behind bars.

“I know I have no excuse for the accident. I took away the person I love the greatest that you can have, a child. Angel, Patricia, everyone’s sorry. I have a daughter and I have done her a lot of harm, I hope that she will one day forgive me. ”

“I also believe that you commit the crime that you commit to us as people . I know I will spend the rest of my life here, but this is what I think least. I have a lot to tell and as soon as I can I’ll tell you, and I’ll tell you why? Because what is written is read. I’ll keep writing to you as soon as I can. “, He writes in the first letter.

Ana Julia accuses the people of Coripe (Sevilla) of being racist and xenophobe for burning a doll with her face

“Hello Ana Rosa again. Impressive the images that I have seen today. I go up from the patio and as always I put the news and in Tele 5 it comes out that the judge has new news about the death of Gabriel, okay. What they say coincides with my statement, but what I do not see normal are other images where they take out a black plastic doll, put it in a square and burn it as if they burned me “, he writes in the second letter.

“I am black, I committed a crime without wanting to, the only thing I ask is that I be judged and treated as I have to be treated in my situation. They say the prosecutor is going to investigate if it is racism. Oh my God! “, Criticizes.

“Yes, when they stopped me in the car that the two girls who rode with me got me, they wanted to kill me with the handcuffs from behind and telling me” right now I was killing you, bitch . I left you in a square to be killed, you bitch. Let ‘s see if with a little luck they kill you in jail . ”

“In the dungeon it was hell. I do not know if you know that Angel’s family is Guardia Civil, with this I can tell you how they treated me . I have been treated very badly by certain people in the dungeon and in more places. That’s why when I got to prison it seemed heaven, you can get an idea. They even went to see my family in the Dominican Republic and my poor mother suffers from the heart. And that’s not right! “, The confessed murderer complains.

“I’m on antidepressants and pills to eat and sleep. ¿ There is no racism in Spain? Now I put it in doubt , thank goodness that here in prison I feel good and they treat me properly because they are professionals. Greetings. “, Signs the criminal from jail.

Do you believe the version of Ana Julia Quezada ?, Was it an accident?

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Source: Telecinco