Find The Perfect Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape!

It is human tendency to imitate whatever we adore. Whenever we look at a particular hairstyle on our favorite celebrity, we tend to copy the same hairstyle! But let’s face the reality…Sometimes, we just end up making fool of ourselves. Why does this happen? How can a stunning hairstyle go wrong in our face? Well..Here is the thing…

This is because every face structure is unique in its own way. So just because a hairstyle looks good on one, It isn’t necessary that it will look good on the other as well.

Hence, it becomes extremely important that we properly understand the shape of our face and choose hairstyles which will compliment it. So, here is an article which will help you choose the best possible hairstyles for your face!


If you have a perfectly oval face structure, then you really don’t need to worry much. Your face structure goes well with almost any kind of hairstyle. This obviously implies that you have plenty of looks to choose from. Maximum faces from the modeling world are oval faced. Also, possible any length of hair will suit you. Also, don’t let your hair overshadow your features of the face. So one quick advice, Don’t go in for massive bangs!


If your face is round and chubby, then we suggest a hair length which ends just below your chin. You can also give a shot to layering your hair if you wanna hide the chubbiness and make your face appear lean. One quick advice, Do not go for hairstyles which expose these features way too much!


Another common face shape is long diamond or rectangle shaped face. If you have this kind of face structure, you’ll possibly not want to emphasize the length of your face. Medium length of hair should work for you, as way too long hair will make your face look even longer. Further, short hair will just give it a weird look! Make sure to keep fringes. This is the best way to make your face look smaller.


If you have a square-shaped face, your jawline is sharp and prominent.  You’ll  want to soften your jawline a little bit. Try going in for soft curls or waves to enhance face. This will soften your look. Don’t go for bobs and bangs as this will make your jawline easily noticeable.


A heart-shaped face involves a very sharp chin. You’ll want to make your button look less severe. Some touch of fullness below the line of the slender jaw will be an excellent idea. You can try a chin length bob with greater volume at the back side. Avoid any haircut that will add greater volume on the upper side as this will highlight your sharp chin even more!


If you have attractive facial features, you’ll want a haircut which will accentuate them even more. Don’t worry too much and try experimenting with looks. Remember that your facial features are already there to make you look beautiful, so experiment with different hair lengths and funky hair colors.