His wife was in despair. Then he came up with a simple trick that she again began to smile

His wife was in despair. Then he came up with a simple trick that she again began to smile

Libby is a nurse. An accident happened to her …

I closed the door, but something got stuck. And I pulled harder. And then I felt pain – I strongly pinched my finger. My little finger looked terrible … The surgeon said that he would have to amputate …

Says Libby.

She did not go to the doctor right away, but only after a few days. By the time the arm was very sick.

It’s just a finger …,

She says.

But Libby’s husband noticed that she became more closed, hides her hand and generally leaves the house less often. From a cheerful and sociable woman she turned into a man who often remains silent, much sad and almost does not leave the house.

Six weeks after the amputation, Libby and her husband were at home watching TV. The woman painted claws, and mechanically lifted the brush to her little finger. My husband immediately realized what was wrong.

Her husband immediately suggested that she make up his little finger and take a photo.

It seems that after this, Libby felt better. Now I will be her little finger,

Laughs Matt, Libby’s husband.

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