The mother allows her 2-year-old daughter to dye her hair and apply makeup

Modern methods of education suffer a lot of criticism in their address, but are often more useful and thoughtful in practice. The day before, network users called a blatant case when the mother allowed her two-year-old daughter to dye her hair pink. Thus, a woman tries to show her child taste of freedom and teach her how to dispose of it.

single mother from California named Amy Lin grows her daughter Bella May, adhering to complete freedom and discarding restrictions. In two years the girl is allowed to experiment with her appearance, and she enthusiastically glues herself on temporary tattoos, dyes her hair and even skillfully applies makeup.

Such an unusual appearance of a small child often shocked passers-by, but Amy Lin notes that in this way she will grow up a free citizen with her own thoughts in her head, who clearly understands what she wants from life. The woman herself is also very different in appearance: she has bright pink hair and several tattoos. 

The public is sure that Bella has simply chosen her mother as an object to follow, so she wants to repeat her modifications, but Amy Lin argues that everything is much more complicated. The woman notes that her youth fell in the era of alternative culture and the style of punk is very close to her, and with the birth of a child she did not change just to meet the majority. Lin is confident that her daughter will grow up a worthy person if she is given her the freedom to choose a style.

believes that most parents impose their own opinion on their children, which often does not coincide with the wishes of the child. As a result, the child begins to learn freedom only in high school, which does not always have a positive effect on behavior and preferences. Therefore, Amy Lin did not wait for her daughter to grow up and taught her to make a choice much earlier. 

began to draw pictures of herself, so Lin bought temporary tattoos for her. The girl also chose a new color of hair on her own, because this is the color of her favorite pencils. The woman adheres to the key rule during the upbringing of her daughter: the main thing is for the child to feel happy, even if he is comfortable with pink 

Source: A News