Pressure Points To Increase Your Metabolism Rate And Rapid Your Weight Loss.

The art of Acupressure has been derived from traditional Chinese medical theory which states that by pressing some of the energy meridian points on your body, you can make the flow of the energy even again and help your body work better. This 2000 years old practice has become popular nowadays because of the experience of many people that proves it may help with weight loss and regulating the energy flow through your body.

Before starting the routine, do some breathing exercises to make the oxygen flow through your body. So let’s begin.

Nose Bridge

Starting from Face, gently put pressure on the area leading from your eye toward your nose bridge by looking yourself in the mirror.

Gap Between The Eyebrows

Look yourself in the mirror and apply a gentle pressure on the Dip between your eyebrows. This is a most common spot in Acupressure practice.


Apply pressure at the spot right between your ear and temple. Massage at this spot for around one minute.

Upper  Lip

The area right above your upper lip is the spot as shown above. Apply pressure here for one minute.


After the face, it comes to your hand. There is a spot right between the outside part of your hand and your thumb. Massage it for one minute daily.


These spots are located right under your chest on the area where your stomach is. Massage your belly upward for around 1 minute.


This spot is important because it is the spot that makes you lose weight if you want that. It is located 2 fingers down from your belly button. Massage this spot for one minute.