The 10 Rules to enjoy a perfect night of oral sex in bed

Oral sex, like any other sexual practice, may be the best or worst thing we can experience depending on the way we do it or receive it. If you want you and your partner to have a really pleasant moment of intimacy, be sure to follow these tips.

10 Rules for oral sex to be really satisfying


One of the keys to oral sex, as well as another sexual practice, is satisfying is to want to do it and know that the other wants to do it . If you do it only because your partner asks for it and not by their own will, you will never enjoy it in the same way.

Express oneself

We all like to know that we are doing well. It excites us and makes us feel good, so if it’s your turn to receive, do not stay silent and praise your partner’s good work . Mute sex is never pleasant: moaning, making noises with saliva, with your tongue or with your hands, is the best way to remember that you are liking it.

Be comfortable

When one is not in a comfortable position, it is more difficult to reach the climax . If you are going to be kneeling, it is best to use a cushion, and if we lie on another person, it is best to find the position that is comfortable for both of you.

Maintain hygiene

Maintaining intimate hygiene is always appreciated before receiving oral sex. A previous shower does not have to cut the moment. Think that it was the other way around.

Involve the whole body

There are other sensitive areas that you should pay attention to. Try to caress the inside of the thighs to add new sensations . Although it is oral sex, not only do you have to involve the genitals, the rest of the body also has its function.

Take the control

The secret to offering the best oral sex in the world is to find the exact point at which your partner causes you pleasure. You can try placing a pillow under the head of one of you, while the other is placed on top with the legs open. Thus, the person  above can control the speed, movements and the specific point at which his body feels more pleasure.


Self-excitement when we are giving or receiving oral sex is one of the most important parts to enjoy. But if in addition to thinking about it we discuss it with another person, both parties will reach a greater state of stimulation. Looks, gestures, caresses, smiles, moans …


You can tell him how much you want to give him oral sex, for example. Any comment of this kind will excite you deeply . But not only the words, moan or emit murmurs also works; Many people love hearing appreciative sounds during oral sex.

Cold and heat

Playing with the temperature can add many interesting sensations . Going from cold to heat will intensify sensitivity. You can also try mineral water, mint, ice cubes or ice cream to give you more unexpected stimuli.


Oral sex can be exhausted and after a few minutes it starts to be uncomfortable for those who practice it. So, why not change roles?

Remember that the most important thing is that you both enjoy. So the biggest secret is to explore together what you like most and carry it out.

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