Your Lip Color Defines Much About Your Health

Our body and skin can define our health to a certain extent. Like the colour of your pee can tell you about your health and the dryness of the skin is a reason for the lack of water.

Similarly, it is discovered that your lips say a lot about your health as well. Today we are going to share some natural lip colours and the health traits.

RED LIPS: Red lips are classy if we talk about the red shade. If you have a natural red shade of lips then there is a problem in your liver.

PALE LIPS: Pale lips shows that you have been feeling fatigued and constantly tired. This means you have lack of red blood cells.

PINK LIPS: You are quite healthy and this is a fine natural shade.

PURPLE LIPS: It means you are freezing outside. You should check your heart, it can be because of bad blood circulation.